Owl wins Blue Ribbon for Cheryl

Cheryl Slater is our former Membership Secretary/Treasurer. She stepped down from that role to allow more time for other interests. Cheryl is a woman of many talents her stunning work won first prize in the Creative Tapestry section at the 2017 Hawkesbury Show.

Cheryl's Prize Winning Entry    Photo by Cheryl Slater

We have all known that Cheryl was passionate about owls and a great collector of owl paraphernalia. Her prize-winning owl was destined to be another member of her collection but her art was seen by another owl lover who made her an offer too good to refuse and she has parted with it knowing it will be treasured.

Cheryl remains a very active and energetic club member and contributes regularly with intelligent suggestions to the committee as well as organising our afternoon tea at meetings. This job is done seamlessly and invisibly.

Prior to our 25th Anniversary Celebration Cheryl was dubbed Club Historian. She is holder of the scrap books and delved deeply to add a history trivia quiz to our 25th Anniversary social adding an extra element of fun to a successful event.

Winner announced
2016 Noel Brown Trophy

Debbie with Noel Brown Trophy    Photo by Joan Crawley

The trophy was created as a bit of a joke by the late Noel Brown.

He was a long time club member who became less agile in later years but still loved to be involved in our club walk activities. When a walk looked like being too strenuous Noel would remain at the car park or picnic ground, generally fossicking around while he filled in the time. He found an old teaspoon on one excursion and decided to mount it and randomly award it to the person he deemed to have spotted the bird of the day.

In 2006 the club decided to keep the trophy and award it annually to the bird voted by members as the best of the year from the wide selection of nominations posted each month after scheduled walks.

The bird chosen is often not what a twitcher would deem the rarest or most spectacular bird but birds which the entire group has agreed a worthy candidate due to the good views or some unusual activity.

With Cheryl’s help the nominated birds were put to the membership at our recent AGM on a form which also explained the circumstances of the sighting. As is usually the case the final voting was very diverse. Jill Dark acted as returning officer and made a final casting vote.

The Trophy was awarded to Debbie Harris who first sighted a Chestnut-breasted Mannikin on the walk to Emu Green in May 2016.

Chestnut-breasted Mannikin...Photo Bob Sinclair